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We put architectural vision into practice.

BWK ENGINEERS is an international MEP engineering consultancy that specializes in the design and integration of mechanical, electrical and public health systems for buildings and focuses on simplicity, creativity and reliability. With a history spanning two decades, today we have extensive experience with a diverse set of clients on MEP and HVAC projects ranging in scale, type and complexity.

At 80+ employees, we’ve diversified our skills in building services, MEP engineering, HVAC systems and building information modelling. For a project to be successful, MEP services need to embrace the architecture or feed it like invisible, integrated bloodlines. Our ultimate achievement is reaching indoor environmental quality and efficiency and reliability of the designed systems.

No matter if we’re starting from scratch or taking over an existing design from previous planning stages, we patiently explore optimal solutions, closely collaborating with the client. Our solutions are developed considering project-specific constraints – budgets, function, visual appearance and interaction with other design disciplines.

Our engineering consultancy office was established in Belgrade, Serbia in 2009 and has since grown to a campus consisting of 3 office buildings. Our German office was opened in Frankfurt am Main in 2015. We’ve been involved in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial projects across Europe, Asia and Africa. Every project still gives us a rush of adrenaline, leading us to keep pushing the boundaries and remain committed to clever and practical solutions.