Our building services and process

Building services engineering is at the core of our business. We specialize in MEP engineering and MEP construction, HVAC systems and BIM modeling.

So far, BWK ENGINEERS has had the privilege to work with many daring architects. This requires out-of-the-box thinking and challenges us to seek custom solutions and push boundaries of conventional design. It is precisely these opportunities that made us approach our daily routine and each and every project with creativity and drive.

We support our clients in all design and construction stages. 

When we are involved from the early stages of design, we are able to work with clients to define all the important aspects and the foundations of our design concept.

On the other hand, we’re equally efficient when we join a project at later design stages. For such projects, we provide peer reviews, propose and implement value engineering measures or take over the design from the previous design phases and develop it further.

Depending on the project scope and specific requirements, it typically takes 1-2 weeks to mobilize our team.

Building services engineering –sustainability and eco-efficiency

We ensure optimal solutions and efficient operation of buildings by developing professional MEP design and other building services. To achieve this, it’s crucial to properly apply thermal and computational fluid dynamics modelling and successfully integrate renewable and sustainable energy technologies in the building design itself.

Running energy costs of a building account for 80-90% of the building’s emissions (and costs) – so effective MEP design is critical to the success of sustainable development. To make a project sustainably successful in all design aspects, we closely collaborate with architects and structural engineers, focusing on the overall design of the building to optimize its entire service life.

Our design methods include developing passive shading and maximizing daylight strategies, as well as evaluating the potential for natural cooling and natural ventilation.

Engineering teams in our office consist of experienced and young engineers and draftsmen who bring a mix of expertise and innovation. By proper project-tailored scouting, we pick perfect teams who can deliver projects seamlessly and on time.

The advanced planning methodology and automation leave our team with more time for the creative exploration of alternative and more efficient solutions. While we embrace automation, we still check everything manually, as we strongly believe that decisions should be based on years of engineering experience.