Environmental Services

CFD Analysis

We provide Computational Fluid Analysis (CFD) services for projects that have custom requirements regarding comfort (e.g. distribution of air velocity and temperature in a room in order to achieve thermal comfort or quantify system efficiency) or fire safety (e.g. smoke extraction systems and fan systems for car parks).

3D Thermal Energy Simulations

To optimize energy consumption of buildings, we help as advisors on the optimal building geometry, orientation and envelope characteristics. By carrying out thermal energy simulations, daylight and solar analysis, we use thermal modelling to better understand how design decisions influence buildings’ performance metrics like energy consumption or thermal comfort and their overall environmental impact.

Each building is modelled in 3D using specialized software, an approach that provides maximum flexibility for making changes in architecture. This model predicts heating and cooling loads with high accuracy and provides annual energy consumption data. We also conduct shadow assessment across the site and analyze the building’s form, height and orientation in conjunction with the surrounding.

Parametric Modelling

Modern buildings are not only about good architecture and attractive design – a lot of attention is paid to energy efficiency and comfort. A building’s energy consumption is affected by several parameters – the amount of solar radiation, wall insulation, window size and properties, building orientation, shading etc. Often, changing one parameter can negatively affect another parameter, so it’s necessary to find the optimal ratio to meet different requirements. We use parametric modeling and evolutionary optimization to calculate window size or facade shading, as well as optimize other parameters like thermal radiation or air flow.

LEED – Green Building Certificate Support

Today, LEED is the most recognized and widely used green building rating system globally. To qualify and obtain the certification, building owners need to meet extremely high standards and provide detailed documentation. We assist clients with green building design and construction (BD + C), helping them score in the areas of sustainability, water efficiency, energy, materials and resources.